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Memories of William Buckman

Bill in college

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A NJ State Trooper speaks out

Due to his being responsible for focusing public and legal attention on illicit police practices such as racial profiling, William Buckman's relationship with the police could be rocky at times - despite the fact that he also represented policemen and women who had been treated unfairly in their departments.

The following is a copy of a message posted on the stfa.org (State Troopers Fraternal Association) message board on 2/23/2003 by a member identifying himself as "TPRDAVE". (This was faxed to the William H. Buckman Law Office.)

TPRDAVE pointedly accuses William Buckman of being "a Communist who has posters of Communist leaders hanging in his office." and then states "I have never been there but I know someone who has." (Great police work, TPRDAVE!)

Fax accusing Buckman of having
posters of Communist leaders hanging in his office

Just what did TPRDAVE's unnamed source see? Those who knew William Buckman know he was a great fan of the Firesign Theatre comedy group. The "posters of Communist leaders" alluded to was in fact a photocopy of an album cover hanging on the wall!

Firesign Theatre album cover

We don't know at this late date whether TPRDAVE is still bringing his keen powers of investigation to the NJ State Police force, or possibly he is now being rewarded with a fat pension and benefits on the backs of New Jerseyans who have no pension and no benefits. But we can certainly marvel at the lengths that New Jersey's Finest go to before making accusations against one of the state's citizens.


-- Submitted by William Buckman's friend "Gort", 7/14/2017

Buckman does Patton

Although William Buckman in his professional life was constantly immersed in serious issues, he also had a great sense of humor. In this video clip (intro added posthumously), Bill takes on the role of General Patton giving the "troops" a pep talk...

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