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DEA use of State Police as proxies to teach profiles. (683 Kbytes)

DEA use of State Police as proxies, Part 2 (2.8 Mbytes)

Training handout. Appears to utilize profiles and/or intelligence disseminated by other state and federal agencies. (209 Kbytes)

Agency confidential awareness while maintaining public/court denials (495 Kbytes)

Agency confidential awareness, Part 2 (273 Kbytes)

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Materials on Racial Profiling Challenges

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Brief On Behalf Of Defendants DaCosta, Jackson, Lockhart

Brief Challenging Profiling of Hispanics on Non-Toll Interstate

Challenging Racial Profiles: Attacking Jim Crow on the Interstate

Examples of Profiling Joint Operations

Examples of Profiling Training

Sample Documents Initiating Racial Profiling Challenge

State Troopers Testify on the Fact of Profiling As Well As DEA Involvement In Same

Racial Profiling Links

  1. "Driving While Black" Horror Stories (ACLU)
  2. NJ Report Admits Racial Profiling by State Police (Court TV Online)
  3. ACLU Calls for Congressional Action on Racial Profiling
  4. NJ State Police Chief Fired Over Racial Remarks (New Jersey News Online)
  5. Black Motorists Fight Back (U.S. News Online)
  6. Police Brutality: A Pattern of Abuse (Amnesty International)

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